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October 8 Fall Council Meeting Agenda

Below is a tentative schedule of events (if time permits): 


  • 8:00 Make Prayer Ties – Craft Time - Bring a project to work on or share with others.  

  • 9:30 Council meeting (The Council voted to fix up the grounds. Volunteers are welcome) 

  • 10:30 or right after Council Meeting: Spirit Fire  

  • 11:30 Kids Relays 

    • Tiny tot foot race (ages 0-5)    

    • Kids “war whoop” contest 

    • Feather throwing contest   

    • More kid games if time permits  

  • 12:30 Lunch: Potluck  

  • 1:00 Seed Exchange 

  • 1:30 Auction – Donated items for the auction is appreciated. 

  • 2:30 Warrior Games  

    • Arrow shoot 

    • Dart Feather Throw 

    • “Adult” war whoop contest 

    • Social dances for Greater New Moon 

    • Potato Dance (A fun game for everyone. Last one standing wins!) 

    • Snake Dance (Follow the leader, Indian Style!) 

    • Bread Dance- Everyone bring a piece of bread, cracker, corn, bean, or other harvest item. Women bring a basket. 

  • 5:30 Dinner Break: Potluck 

  • 6:30 Story Telling around the fire 

    • Big fish contest- (choose which is true) 

    • Traditional story telling 

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